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Questions and answers

Q: Are all items available?
A: Yes, all items are available, and ready for shipping. Sold items cannot be added to the shopping cart.

Q: Returns policy
A: Any item can be changed or returned within seven days after the packet has arrived. If you want to return or change an item, please contact us first by email.

Q: Packing and responsibility of broken items
A: Statues and other fragile items are carefully packed in a plywood box. Thangkas are sent in a thick cardboard tube. If any item arrives damaged, you can send it back within 7 days and get your money back, including shipping costs.

Q: Shipping costs and times
A: On every product page, there is a link "Shipping options" that shows the costs for that item. Play with the shopping cart to see shipping costs for more than one item.

Q: What payment methods are available?
A: Visa and Mastercard are the most common methods of payment. Bank transfer (advance payment) is another convenient option for people in Europe and some parts of Asia. Bank transfer orders are made normally through the shopping cart. After placing your order you will get instructions on how to make the payment.

We don't currently accept checks. Online credit card purchases are not allowed from some countries. We accept credit card orders on paper from these countries.

Q: What currencies do you accept?
A: U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, or UK Pounds. All our prices are displayed in U.S. Dollars, but you can choose one of the mentioned five currencies at the shopping cart.

Q: Do you ship to Ouagadougou?
A: Yes, we have sent packets to all the five continents without problems. In the North America all insured shipments are usually handled by UPS, in Europe and Australia by the Post. We recommend using Express Mail Service in countries with very high risk of packets getting lost during the transfer.

Q: Credit card safety
A: It is safe to use a credit card at Tibet Shop. We are using SSL encryption to protect the your information during the ordering process. Tibet Shop does not store credit card details anywhere. We don't even see them. We have done our best to choose a reliable third party credit card processing company, that is using right tools for the job. If you don't want to use the online shopping cart, please print an order form on paper and send it to Tibet Shop.

Q: The shopping card doesn't accept my card
A: If a red text at the credt card details page tells the payment was declined, it is a response from your bank. Tibet Shop doesn't decline cards at this stage. Please contact your bank and ask for the reason. Very often this kind of problems are cleared this way. You may also try again and type in the security code of your card, if you didn't at the first time.

Q: What is a security code?
A: Three last digits on the signature field on the back side of your Visa or Mastercard. This is also called a CVV or CVC code.

Q: Do I have to bargain to get the right price?
A: In short, no. We want to treat our customers equally, and make our prices fair at the first place. Most of our works are in the top 10% regarding quality. Lower prices would force ourselves to heavy bargaining with the world's best contemporary Buddhist artists, and we wouldn't go into that. Besides, bargaining over internet is complicated.

Q: Are the thangkas mounted in brocades?
A: Thangkas with Tibetan style brocade framing are marked with the word "brocade".  Thankas without a brocade have to be mounted in hard frames (not included).

Q: Where can I get brocade framing for my thangka?
A: offers mail order framing for individual clients. Located in Canada.

Q: About the width and height of the brocaded thangkas
A: The measures are for the painted areas, not the materials around.

Q: How do I send e-cards
A: Every product page, or page with an image of a painting or statue, has a link "Send as an e-card". Click this link and follow the instructions.

Q: Who are the artists?
A: Thangkas in Tibet Shop are painted by Tibetan, Nepalese and Bhutanese artists. Traditionally the artists remain anonymous, and they don't sign their works.

Q: Are the statues and thangkas blessed?
A: A blessing is not something you can buy over the internet, at least from Tibet Shop. You should ask your spiritual master for a blessing of the objects. It is good to have these objects blessed, but will function as sacred objects even without.

Q: Image copyrights?
A: All photos are copyrighted by Tibet Shop.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.   Direct links from other sites to our image files (jpg's) are not allowed. (Please link the html page instead).  However, you may use our images on your web page, if there is a link from that page to the front page of

Our photos are available for printed materials, such as books and leaflets. Screen resolution is not enough for print, unless you want tiny or very blurry images. Print shops refuse to take web image files. For this reason we offer higher resolution (5.3 x 4 inches @300dpi) TIFF files of any artwork you choose at $25 each including the copyrights for using it in one publication. We will take a new photo, so you can give us exact instrucions, which parts of the item you want us to include.

If you buy an item, there is naturally no restrictions in making and selling any number of prints of it.

Q: Could you evaluate a piece of art I got from somewhere?
A: We sometimes get questions about the value or the name of statues and paintings that were bought from somewhere. Unfortunately we cannot provide this kind of service. Not, because we don't want to help, but because very often vaguely "Tibetan" items don't belong to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition at all, and we don't have any knowledge of them. Also we don't buy this kind of items.

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